COVID-19 Club Update

National Rally deferred until 30 April 2021

Club events in some states are now being scheduled


The Home For Jensen Enthusiasts

Whether you own a Jensen, are thinking of buying one, or are just an enthusiast for what these cars represent, join us and be part of the Jensen community.

Active in every State and with outreach beyond Australia, the JCCA organises and participates in driving and social events that enable members to capitalise on the Jensen Mystique. If you think these cars look great – wait until you drive one!

If you want to learn about Jensens – their history, capabilities and potential, the JCCA has a wealth of knowledge and experience drawn from a strong member base and a club heritage of more than thirty years. If your vision is to someday own a Jensen, we can help you find and select the best example to suit you.

Whether you want to restore a classic Jensen, or have visions of building that ‘Fast and Furious’ version Jensen, the JCCA can help you bring your vision to life.

We welcome new member and offer membership packages to suit all ages and interests – our members come from all walks of life and backgrounds. If you love fine and exciting cars, you will fit right in!

Select the membership package that suits you – if you have a dream, the time to start realising that dream is today. If you are beyond Grand Turismo and need to experience the real thing – you’ve come to the right place.


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JCCA is proudly an affiliate member of CAMS

Get access to around 3,000 events each year. Many of these events are designed to give you a cost-effective way to get started. For example, popular club events such as motorkhana and sprints are designed for standard, unmodified road cars.

In fact there are many types of motor sport where you can take part without any special preparation or training, and at an affordable cost.

Most of these motor sport 'disciplines' are available through local motor sport clubs. One you have joined your local club you could apply for a competition licence and get stuck in to the many club, state and national championships events.